About me

Engineering and experimenting always has been a passion for me. During my schooling years I taught myself Java SE, played around with Linux server administration and a little bit of electronic engineering.

“[…] Students and teachers were impressed by his results [..]” - Local Newspaper on the presentation of my student research paper

After finishing my A levels with an 1.5, I had decided to also include my love of the life sciences in my career and try to aqcuire practical wet lab experience, so I am currently studying biotechnology with a focus on bioinformatics at the University of Applied Science Emden/Leer.

During my bachelor studies I have been working as a programming tutor since my second term, providing research assistance in projects to my professor since my 5th and lead the software development of the HiveHealth project.

Since finishing my own confirmation in our small parish back in Schortens, I have been active as a catechist and showed teenagers how to grow as a catholic and nerd today.

Don’t worry. I’ve got a plan….Well, I will have by the time we get to the top. - The 13th doctor